Brussels Rhythm and Blues Club

The Brussels Rhythm and Blues Club exists for people that enjoy live music with soul. Started by three friends back in 2002 on a non-profit making basis, it aims to recreate the ambience of a Chicago blues club with non-stop live bands.

Usually one Saturday every month we put on a double bill of rhythm and blues bands.

Our guest bands have reflected the broad R’n’B church that runs from soul and funk (The Boogaloo Investigators, Bai Kamara, Tony O’Malley, Gene Drayton Unit), through traditional blues (George Shovlin and the Radars, Bill Roseman, Bob Christopher, John Frick, Stef Paglia) to rock and roll (Dry Riverbed Trio, Scotch No Soda), blues rock (Basement Apes, The Inflexibles) and garage rock (The Wildebeests, Lord Rochester, The Masonics), and from the latest generation of artists (Matt Schofield, Paul Garner, Chris King Robinson) to pioneers of the 60s British rhythm and blues scene (The Pretty Things, Dick Taylor).

The BRBC was originally hosted by the Athanor in the centre of Brussels but moved to the iconic jazz landmark Sounds in the heart of Ixelles from March 2003, where you can enjoy a wide range of local and bio beers, classic beers, the best lager in the world, exceptional organic wines, exclusive Belgian spirits, signature cocktails, the finest cheeses and tasty Syrian tapas. The BRBC had to suspend its concerts during the Covid 19 crisis and while Sounds ownership changed but revived its activities in the revamped Sounds in the autumn of 2021.